Our Facilities

A welcoming, safe, and hopeful place during a time of transition.

Welcome Home

In 2018, Lotus moved into our new home and opened our doors to the women and children of Webster County. We are housed in the beautiful former St. John’s Lutheran Church in Webster County, a building with a rich history of service to those in need. We can think of no better place for clients to begin their journey, and we're grateful for the support of all those who made this possible.

Everything under one roof.

Our facilities provide clients with access to many amenities, but most importantly a sense of safety and stability.

Family friendly.

When children are involved, we cannot describe the impact on a mother without considering the impact of homelessness on her children. A child whose mother struggles also struggles. Children need stability, certainty, and the expectation that they are as entitled to a happy home as any other child. Lotus provides a structured environment, bedrooms and facilities like a ‘normal’ home, and both indoor and outdoor spaces for the children to learn and play.

Room to grow.

We're just getting started! As Lotus continues to blossom, we are working toward developing our volunteer programs, activities and programs, completing the finishing touches to our living spaces and look forward to our long-term goals of expanding our services, resources, and housing options for the families we serve.

Special Thanks To


Iowa District West generously donated the building to Lotus Community Project in 2018. Rev. Steve Turner, of Iowa District West, said “We can’t think of a better way to repurpose this structure than to use it for a homeless shelter for women.”

Thank you Iowa District West for your support, and for believing in our vision.

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